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Headteachers Update 24th January 2020

Thank you to those who attended our Parents Community Hub on Thursday, we discussed ways to improve parents evening, our next parents evening we will provide a ‘booking appointment’ for WEB to ensure families wanting to discuss things with the WEB team can access this before or after their class team appointment. We also discussed the positive impact family pets have for our children, from Guinea Pigs to Therapy Cats- thank you for those who shared personal experiences. Matt Round (Formal Curriculum Phase Leader) shared a draft copy of our ‘Relationships and Sex Education’ Policy (SRE), it is important to have parental feedback before it goes to Governors.  Parents also discussed the SALT provision from Health, I will share with you the ‘universal, targeted and specialist’ offer to help you understand how this works within a special school, this is very different to the SALT offer for pupils accessing mainstream schools.

We would like to congratulate those who have welcomed a new addition into their family! We have quite a few pupils who have a new baby in their families. It’s lovely to have a photo or two via Tapestry to help your child share this news with staff and friends.

During Learning Looks this week, Adam Booker and I were so proud of the learning taking place, I observed art, food technology, literacy and understanding the world. Children were engaged, calm and interacting with peers, staff relationships were excellent with high quality     resources throughout.



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