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Headteachers Update 6th March 2020

Today staff have spent the day developing and enhancing our curriculum to develop it into a three year plan. Our whole school curriculum has overarching themes that are then broken into four phases of learning; EYFS, Pre Formal, Semi Formal, Formal (these will become more evident in your child’s EHCP in Section 3, 3.2)

We will be sharing a curriculum document with you to help your understanding of our child’s curriculum entitlement, as it will differ from siblings in other schools.

I had the pleasure of chairing two EHCPs this week and it was wonderful to hear that Grace in Twigs attends her local Brownies troop -it was delightful to hear about this community inclusion and would love to hear from more of you on the community opportunities that your children access -I’d love to create a display in school evidencing this. Please could you  upload a picture onto Tapestry that you would be happy for me to use in a school display (if you make a note in the home/school book that would also be helpful).


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