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Headteacher Update 21st June 2019

Good afternoon everyone,

On Thursday we had our parents community hub, a place to listen to parents feedback, discuss school ideas and address any arising concerns or issues. This is the final community hub of the year and it was lovely to reflect on the impact of our group (all of whom are welcome to turn up and join in). When I first met parents in Autumn we discussed how we can develop more opportunities to get parents and carers into school. Since then, we’ve arranged for parents to join our weekly golden leaf assembles and had three open afternoon events – Christmas craft, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We aim to continue this development in the next academic year by introducing three      curriculum enterprise weeks which will end with a family celebration day. We also discussed communication and some of the confusion from the introduction to the Parents Hub App. I will update the communication leaflet and resend this in September. For those that are worried – there will be NO changes to our use of Tapestry!

In addition to this, the Community Hub have offered to lead a parents Tapestry workshop in the new year for anyone who would like to join.

All dates to be shared in September.

Finally, I would like to apologise for any anxiety that has arisen from my message earlier in the week explaining the transition hour. You will receive a poster with photographs of the team your child will work with next year by Tuesday next week. As always, we strive to do the best we can in the timescales available and we felt it was important to finalise groupings before sharing it with parents, huge apologies that this isn’t the way many of you felt it should have been communicated – we’ve received the feedback and will try to overcome this next year. The parent’s Facebook group is a very supportive platform, however, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us directly if you require additional          information! If you would like to anonymously add an agenda item to the community hub please do so by sending an email to

Sports Day is in two weeks, more info will follow next week from Liz Waters our PE Leader.





















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