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Headteacher Update 17th May 2019

It’s the time of year that we begin to reflect and evaluate the year so far and make plans for September 2019. I know this can be a very anxious time for families, wondering where you child’s classroom will be; who will be in the team around the child. Firstly we look at the pupil groupings, learning styles & peer relationships. We then look at staffing expertise and experience. For school improvement, this sometimes means that teachers move across key stages to develop their skill sets & coach other staff.
My role is to get as many of the above correct! It’s like completing a very difficult jigsaw puzzle! To get as many puzzle pieces right, I ask for staff   reflections. I would like to share some of the reflections of why our amazing Teaching Assistants love their job…

The amazing children; Working with individuals and striving to have a positive effect on their learning; The staff, working in a solid class team where we all work together with a mutual focus to support our children to be the very best they can be; The progress seen as the pupils move through school; Having the chance to do a varied range of activities and experiencing them with the pupils I work with; There is a good belly laugh in every day, and a “melt-you-inside” moment where someone does something amazing every day; I always feel so proud to tell people that I work at HMO with the most amazing children that you could ever meet!; Working within teams of such highly skilled, fabulous people!; The children! Supporting them in their everyday challenges & witnessing first hand the   successes they make due to their determination; I love the fact that I personally never stop learning whilst I’m working; I feel very lucky and privileged to be able to work so closely with our children and share in their learning journey with them.

And that’s to mention a few, not only does this make me so proud of the children & our staff, it gives me the confidence that even when change happens, we all have common values, drives & dedication to Hob Moor Oaks.

Have a lovely weekend, we are looking forward to our summer events after the half term, make sure they’re in your diary.

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