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The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum

National Curriculum Assessments – Information to Parents


Hob Moor Community Primary Curriculum

PSHE Planning

Hob Moor Primary PSHE Vocabulary Map

New curriculum for PSHE

Planning 2020-2021

Reception – Autumn Term Planning

Year 1-2 Autumn Term Planning – What Makes York Great

Year 3-4 Autumn Term Planning – Reach for Greatness

Year 5-6 Autumn Term Planning – Reach for Greatness


Planning 2019-2020

Hob Moor Primary Curriculum

Whole School Themes 2019-20

Year 1-2 Theme Planning – Out Of My Window

Year 1-2 Theme Planning -Abracadabra

Year 1-2 Theme Planning-Dead Famous The Swinging Sixties

Year 3-4 Theme Planning – Through My Window

Year 3-4 Theme Planning – Monsters, Myths and Magic

Year 3/4 Autumn Term 1 2020 Theme Planning- Reach for Greatness

Year 5-6 Theme Planning – Monsters, Myths and Magic

Year 5-6 Theme Planning- Ancient Greece and Evolution



Hob Moor Oaks Curriculum

Hob Moor Oaks Specialist Curriculum Handbook and Overview

Hob Moor Oaks Academy Long Term Plan 2019/20 to 2021/22

We deliver an exciting experiential specialist curriculum which is based around the stages of development.

Pre Formal Curriculum – Encountering and discovering:  Example of Pre-Formal Medium Term Plan 2019-20
Semi Formal Curriculum -Experiencing and understanding: Example of Semi-Formal Medium Term Plan 2019-20
Formal Curriculum – Refining skills and knowledge: Example of Formal Medium Term Plan 2019-20


Hob Moor Oaks Remote Learning

Craft Ideas and Sensory

Early Maths Skills

Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Mark Making and Sensory Massage



Reading and Writing

Other Website ideas