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Hob Moor Oaks Curriculum

Hob Moor Oaks Specialist Curriculum Handbook and Overview

Hob Moor Oaks Academy Long Term Plan 2022/23_to 2023/24

Hob Moor Oaks Academy Long Term Plan 2019/20 to 2021/22


Curriculum Schemes of Work

Communication, Language and Literacy Curriculum

Creative Development Scheme of Work

Mathematical Development Scheme of Work

Physical Development Scheme of Work

PSED including PSHE and RSE Scheme of Work

Understanding the World Scheme of Work


Medium Term Planning

We deliver an exciting experiential specialist curriculum which is based around the stages of development.

Pre Formal Curriculum: Example of Pre-Formal Medium Term Plan 2021-22
Semi Formal Curriculum: Example of Semi-Formal Medium Term Plan 2021-22
Formal Curriculum: Example of Formal Medium Term Plan 2021-22


Hob Moor Oaks Remote Learning

Craft Ideas and Sensory

Early Maths Skills

Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Mark Making and Sensory Massage



Reading and Writing

Other Website ideas


PSED/PSHE including RSE

Jigsaw Information Leaflet for Parents and Carers-2021

How does the Jigsaw 3-11 meet the personal social and emotional development PSED early learning goals

Jigsaw 3-11-12 Snapshot Overview Map

Jigsaw 3-11 and RSHE Overview Map


DfE Relationships_Education__Relationships_and_Sex_Education__RSE__and_Health_Education

Government Guidance RSE_primary schools_guide_for_parents

Whole school RSE parental letter

Year 5/6 RSE parental letter

Parent/carer withdrawal form from sex education within RSE