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Welcome to team Duckling

Staff in our class are

  • Mrs Lyons
  • Miss Hanson
  • Miss Ward

Nursery times

Full days are 8:45 am until 3:30 pm.

Half days (Wednesday) are 8:45 am until 11:45 am or 12:30 pm until 3:30 pm.

During the week we have the following activities

Tuesday morning – Baking

Wednesday – Library

Wednesday morning – Forest School

Thursday morning – Baking

Friday afternoon – Forest School

During other times, children access our areas of provision both inside and outside.  During this time, children are supported in their learning, linking all subjects following the children’s interests and fascinations and around our theme for the term.

  • Library

Each week your child can choose a book from our library box to take home and share. Sharing stories every day is both fun and a really valuable way for young children to learn vocabulary and form early ideas about how stories are written. In nursery we talk to the children about REDTED – he says ‘read every day talk every day’. Let your child colour a smiley face in their record book every day they read and talk and the smiley faces add up to stickers and prizes.

  • Baking

Each week a group of children make something for all their friends to share. Sometimes we bring the baking home, for example cakes or biscuits and sometimes we eat the baking at school, for example custard, jelly, soup.

  • Forest School

We go out exploring the school grounds, the copse and the Sensory Garden in all types of weather and conditions; sun, rain, wind, snow and mud! We provide waterproof trousers and have lots of wellies but obviously your child is very welcome to bring their own from home. If you could please remember to send extra clothing on wet Forest School days, especially trousers and socks that would be very helpful. We like the children to be ‘mud confident’!

  • Learning Journey Folders

We regularly invite parents and carers into Nursery from 3:00 pm until 3:30 pm (Tuesday/Friday) to see their child’s Learning Journey Folder. This is a chance to see and talk with your child about the activities they choose at nursery. You can fill in a WOW certificate, which is displayed on the wall and then this becomes part of your child’s journey. This can be about things your child has done at home, things you have done as a family or things that your child has told you about nursery. Notice of these sessions will be sent via ParentPay. Due to Covid restrictions at the moment we unfortunately cannot invite parents into school. We have set up ‘Seesaw’ so that you can still share WOW moments from home with us.

  • Before your child starts nursery you are asked to give permission for us to take and use photographs and videos of your child. The photographs form part of the Learning Journey Folders and we show the videos on the Interactive Whiteboard so the children can re-share their experiences. We also sometimes post these on Twitter to allow parents and carers to see the different fun activities that happen at nursery. You can access Twitter through the school website or you can follow us at

                                   Twitter @hobmoor_primary                          

If you have any queries about anything that is happening in nursery, please always ask every day. That way, hopefully, we will be able to help you straight away as we realise that when children start nursery for the first time it is new for both the child and their parents. We are also happy to arrange a convenient time when we can discuss any issues with you that will need longer.

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