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Welcome to Twigs class …


Staff in our class are….  

  • Emma Priest (class teacher)
  • Emma Dwight (M,T,W) 
  • Julie Bainbridge (W,Th,F)
  • Julie Norris (M,T)
  • Lynne Watson (W,Th,F)
  • Caroline Clark (M-F)
  • Beth Harris (M-F) 
  • Bev McDonald MCA
  • Nina Melrose MCA
  • Meena Marshall MCA


Important information about our class  

  • Wheelchair Dancing on Wednesday
  • Swimming – each pupil will have access to one swimming session during the week (see home/school books for individual swimming days)
  • PPA & Leadership – All day Wednesday
  • Sensory Art and exploration will take place throughout the week. If you would like to protect school uniform from paint, messy play etc. Please send in some old clothes for your child to wear on these days.

Through the week all pupils will experience a wide range of curriculum areas. You will receive a termly newsletter and class timetable to understand these areas better.

Home School Books – all pupils will bring a home/school book daily. This is a great communication tool to share brief accounts of the school day, your child’s evening or morning. Please use this book to support relationships and effective communication with class teams.

Tapestry & Home Learning – All pupils have an online Tapestry learning journal. Staff will evidence and share learning experiences on a weekly basis. We invite parents to post and share the home learning experiences that take place during the week, weekends and holidays. Please contact us if you are experiencing problems with this.

Class Newsletter

Twigs Newsletter Summer 2020

Twigs Newsletter Autumn 2019

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