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In order for all children to achieve their full potential they must be in school every day, on time and ready to learn. The Ebor Academy Trust places a high value on punctual and regular attendance. Every child and family in the academies will be made aware of the importance of this through regular updates, the positive promotion of good attendance, rewards for good attendance and, where necessary, discussions with families about the need to improve attendance and punctuality. We wish to foster good attendance and punctuality habits from the early years and throughout the child’s school career and into adult life. At Hob Moor we have made a few changes to how we monitor attendance.

  • All illnesses will be authorised until your child’s attendance figure reaches 90%. Illnesses beyond that will not be authorised unless Parents can provide a relevant medical letter, a note from the doctor, appointment card or prescription to confirm the reason of absence.
  • All Holidays will be unauthorised unless there are exceptional circumstances. If your child’s attendance figure is below 92% and a holiday is requested, please be aware that you may be fined by City of York Council.
  • Success at school starts with attendance, Therefore it is vital that good habits are formed in the Early Years to ensure your child gets off to a flying start. If you would like to discuss any of the above changes please contact Charlotte Brady or Debbie Cousins for an appointment.



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